Surprise your friends


Pick a bag

Choose within the Wish bags the one you want to send.

All the bags contain a different object you cannot see it, but your friends will !

Surprises are unisex, for all public rated and for any occasion.

Sending a surprise Wish Bag, it is like sending a virtual card, but much funnier !

Write a wish

Use your own words to tell anything you want to the person you are writing to.

You can send a Wish Bag for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays or any other occasion.

It's like a wish card, but different, original and funnier !


Pay & send it

You can pay the Wish Bag with your PayPal account or simply with one of the approved credit card. The PayPal checkout process is used, so it's secured.

USD $1.99 per bag including all fee. Your Wish Bag will be automatically send upon payment.

The recipient will receive an email notification. It will ask them to come back to this site and get the Wish Bag you send to them; simply by clicking the link.